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Exclusive self-paced courses for CONTINUING EDUCATION that are dynamically designed to make an impact. With our online curriculum, you can master unique skills with infinitely useful applications to improve your mental wellness, promote Diversity & Inclusion, while improving your effectiveness as a Human Resources leader. To take advantage of this remarkable opportunity, browse the learning events below.


FREE Mini-Course: Workplace Mental Health Training That Gets Results!

Your commitment to bring peace of mind to the employees in your organization is so important and so needed right now. But sometimes, even with the best of intentions, navigating through all of the available options can be extremely overwhelming. Add to that, it may not be a priority for others in your organization. So you end up putting it off until a later date. In this FREE mini course, which takes less than 10 minutes of your time to watch, you'll learn how to find the right workplace mental health training for your organization.

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Connectivity & Conversations 

The pandemic has taken a toll on employees’ mental health. How do you know when your employees are struggling—especially if working remotely? How can you have conversations about mental health without overstepping the boundaries of your relationship or the law? What can you do to foster a culture in your workplace that supports open and honest dialogue? 

This course will answer your burning questions about employee mental health and provide advice and resources for supporting employees’ mental wellness.

60 Min | 0.1 IACET CEUs, 1 SHRM PDCs, 1 HRCI Credits

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IGNITE Mini Course

The world now has heightened awareness around the responsibility that employers have to help employees manage their mental health and emotional wellness. And Human Resource leaders are tasked with the job of figuring out how to make it happen. 

The IGNITE Mini Course is a simple way to provide your employees with actionable steps they can use to create a self-care routine in their life. 


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Guides & Workbooks

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care

Employee mental health is one of the most talked about topics among Human Resource leaders. Recent research shows that approximately 40% employees are struggling with their mental health since the pandemic began. The Ultimate Self-Care Guide gives employees actionable steps to help their mental and emotional wellness.

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The 30 Day Self-Care Plan

Are you ready for 4 weeks of outstanding wellness? Refresh, renew and recharge your mental and emotional health with The 30 Day Self-Care Plan.

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