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Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Teachers and Staff

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Since the pandemic, fifty-five percent of educators are thinking of leaving education sooner than planned. Schools are short-staffed and teachers are paying the price. Unfilled job openings have led to more work for the educators who remain.

All of this is leading to burnout. In fact, NINETY PERCENT of teachers say feeling burned out is a serious problem for them. You may not be able to resolve the staffing issues by yourself—this is a systemic problem. But you can address the burnout.

This short course will provide you strategies to support the well-being of your teachers and staff to keep good people working with great students.

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In this FREE mini-course, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®, Mike Veny will share specific, actionable advice for supporting the emotional well-being of your teachers and staff.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How teachers are really feeling right now
  • Four factors affecting teachers' emotional well-being
  • The importance of supporting the emotional well-being of teachers and staff
  • Specific, actionable strategies for supporting teachers' emotional wellness

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