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Proprietary Interests & Representation Policy

Mike Veny, Inc. will disclose, in advance of any learning event, any instructor’s proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material to be discussed during the learning event, as well as the source of any third-party compensation related to the presentation. This policy applies to both Mike Veny, Inc. team members and contractors.

Mike Veny, Inc. will reference instructor proprietary interests appropriately in instructional materials it publishes. If no such proprietary/financial interests exist, Mike Veny, Inc. will publish a disclaimer in marketing or instructional materials. Mike Veny, Inc. retains the right to review and approve branding associated with any proprietary interests. Instructor/instructor’s employer branding will be limited.

Trainers do not promote the exclusive use of any commercial product in published instructional materials or during instruction. trainers’ discussion of their proprietary interests during instruction is limited to relevant contexts and includes consideration of alternative products or companies that are comparable to the instructor’s.

Immediately upon being assigned to present a learning event, a team member/instructor must disclose any existing proprietary interests relevant to the instructional assignment. Disclosure will be made to the Education Director and CEO. If an instructor acquires a proprietary interest after marketing materials have been produced and distributed for a learning event affected by this policy, the instructor shall provide and document written disclosure to learners at the beginning of the course. Such disclosure shall be documented in the record of the learning event. Examples of appropriate documentation include a written statement distributed with handouts, or a statement included on one of the early slides in a slide presentation. Proprietary content may be used to produce deliverables for Mike Veny, Inc., and Mike Veny, Inc. will make no claim to proprietary interests disclosed in a timely manner.

Prospective instructional contractors must disclose existing proprietary interests relevant to the instructional topics during contract negotiations. The proprietary interests must be listed in the contract prior to contract execution for Mike Veny, Inc. to recognize them. Proprietary content may be used to produce contracted deliverables provided to Mike Veny, Inc., and Mike Veny, Inc. will make no claim to proprietary interests disclosed in the agreement.

No Mike Veny, Inc. instructor, whether team member or contractor, may present or assist in presenting a CEU learning event until all pertinent proprietary interests have been disclosed to Mike Veny, Inc. and learners as provided in this policy. Failure to comply may be considered grounds for disciplinary action in the case of team members, or contractual remedy in the case of contractors.


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