Move from Surviving to Thriving in 7 Days

Guidance for your self-care journey that is informed by psychological research.

What’s standing in your way of feeling better?

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The world now has heightened awareness around the responsibility that employers have to help employees manage their mental health and emotional wellness. And Human Resource leaders are tasked with the job of figuring out how to make it happen.

The IGNITE Mini Course is a simple way to provide your employees with actionable steps they can use to create a self-care routine in their life.

Many employers and employees in the workplace are struggling right now with:

  • Reduced creativity
  • Poor performance
  • Low productivity
  • Headaches or stomach aches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Feeling unable to cope

There are many people feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders and it’s becoming too much to carry. If this goes on long enough, people reach the point of feeling like their situation is hopeless. This is bad on both a business and personal level.

Do you want to help yourself and/or your employees take the first step in overcoming the obstacle of burnout and exhaustion?


So...why IGNITE?
And what does IGNITE even mean?

Simple daily self-care activities can help you and your team move from surviving to thriving. You can overcome the obstacles caused by burnout to reconnect with passion and purpose in the workplace and in life.

The IGNITE Mini Course takes you on a 7-day step-by-step journey to move past exhaustion and burnout to improve mental health and wellness.

Right now, your team is struggling to hold the pieces together.

No one wants to admit that they’re struggling, but you hear it in their voices, see it on their faces (even in the virtual meetings), and notice it in their performance and productivity.


Mike Veny Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

Hi, I'm Mike Veny!

I'm a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®, member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), mental health speaker and best-selling author with a fresh perspective on Diversity & Inclusion. My mission is to support you in receiving the gift of emotional wellness through unique learning experiences designed to empower your personal and professional growth. When you are emotionally well, you will be more PRODUCTIVE.

The idea for this IGNITE course came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently...How can I help employees who are stuck and struggling turn things around FAST?

IMAGINE what your workplace would look like if your team was thriving mentally and emotionally.

When each person knows they’re supported in their mental and emotional wellness and they follow a daily self-care routine, things quickly begin to trend upward.

As people feel refreshed, the creative juices start to return. They’re more open to new ideas. They can have more productive conversations. They’re able to focus on the task at hand, not only leading to higher productivity but also higher-quality work.

But most importantly, they are healthier and happier as employees and people.

IMAGINE where you and your team could be if you each focused on developing a self-care routine to improve your mental health and emotional wellness.

IMAGINE what your workday would look like if you had the energy and mental capacity not only to put out the fires that inevitably arise but also to work on developing those ideas and projects that you dreamt of when you had the energy and space to feel passionate and excited about your work.

IMAGINE what it would feel like to get off the rollercoaster ride of emotions that everyday stress tries to take you on. Think about how you would feel and what would be possible in your day if you felt rested and more at peace.

The problems and obstacles that stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout create can feel insurmountable when you’re stuck in them, but the steps to overcome them are actually quite simple. And the IGNITE Mini Course will walk you right through the process of implementing them in your life so you can reap the rewards.

What’s standing in your way of feeling better?

Enroll in the IGNITE Mini Course today!

IGNITE Mini Course: Self-Care for Employees with Mike Veny

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Who is IGNITE for?

IGNITE is effective for anyone needing to create a healthy self-care routine.

Are you exhausted from the responsibilities and stress of life?

Do you feel like your task list is getting longer and longer but the more you try to stay on top of it the more behind you’re getting? Are you putting in long hours but find that you’re becoming less productive and work is becoming harder?

The IGNITE Mini Course is for you!

This course is going to help you start your day on a positive note and build in simple self-care tasks that will help you feel less stressed, more rested, and more like yourself again. By following each lesson, you’ll be building a self-care routine that you can easily implement each day to start feeling better and stay feeling better long-term.

Are you a Human Resources leader responsible for helping your team thrive?

Do you see the negative impact that the current societal landscape is having on your employees? Are you noticing that there is a decline in performance, productivity, and attitude? Are you looking for a way to show your employees that your company supports them on an individual level and not just as part of the company?

The IGNITE Mini Course is for you!

There is no distinction between “employee” and “human being”. This means that when your employees are stressed and struggling in life, they will be stressed and struggling at work. We’re in a period of time where mental health challenges, like anxiety and depression, are skyrocketing. Not only is the impact on the individual high, but the impact on the bottom line of your business is being impacted as well.

Providing your employees with access to the IGNITE Mini Course can help them create positive self-care habits that will benefit them both at home and at work. Investing in this training for your team communicates that your company wants to support your employees with more than just a paycheck.

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Here's what you'll learn inside of INGNITE:

The course includes 7 days of simple and easy-to-follow action steps you can take to overcome overwhelm and burnout and establish a self-care routine that works. Each module is comprised of a:

Teaching video: I put my skills as a professional speaker to use to create engaging and informative videos to talk to you directly about each day’s self-care activity, sharing my personal experience and tips to help you be successful.

Suggested resources: For each new activity that you learn, you’ll be provided with a list of additional resources that you can use to dig deeper about the self-care task as well as be successful in implementing it in your life.

Daily challenge: This is your self-care activity to complete for the day. They are purposefully simple to make it easy for you to follow through in completing.

Reflective question: An important part of addressing mental health and emotional wellness is being able to know what you are thinking and feeling. Each day ends with a question to get you thinking and processing based on what you just learned.


What you get when you enroll in IGNITE:

Video Lessons
($497 VALUE)

Easy-to-understand videos with actionable steps

Downloadable Audios
($247 VALUE)

Audio recordings of each lesson so you can listen and learn on the go.

The IGNITE Workbook
($37 VALUE)

A downloadable workbook to keep you on track and help you hold yourself accountable.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care
($9 VALUE)

A must-have formula for creating a self-care checklist uniquely suited to your individual needs.

The 30 Day Self-Care Plan
($19 VALUE)

Fresh new self-care ideas and activities that you can do at home or in the office.

Here's how this works...

Signing up and accessing the email course will be one of the simplest things that you’ve done in the past year.

  1. Enroll in IGNITE here.
  2. Check your inbox for your login info so you can jump in and get started today!
  3. Set aside 10 minutes each day for 7 days to work through each new lesson.
  4. Login each day to watch the videos and take action.
  5. Voila! Start feeling better mentally and emotionally as your self-care routine develops.

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  Now only $39!  

IGNITE Mini Course: Self-Care for Employees with Mike Veny

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