Diversity & Inclusion Speaker – Helping People Belong, Bond and Believe

For Human Resource leaders and Diversity & Inclusion leaders who need programs that teach actionable strategies which employees can use immediately, Mike Veny delivers presentations that empower employees to feel included, welcomed and supported because being emotionally well increases our ability to manage and work together effectively.

Mike Veny was named one of the 5 Best Motivational Speakers on Mental Health along with Brené Brown. He is the author of the best-selling book, Transforming Stigma: How to Become a Mental Wellness Superhero. For the presentation of a lifetime (live or virtual), you've come to the right place.



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Mike's mission is to support people in receiving the gift of emotional wellness. When you are emotionally well, you will be more PRODUCTIVE and your company will be more PROFITABLE. He is proud to be member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), National Diversity Council, Meeting Professionals International, the National Speakers Association and the Rotary Club of Wall Street New York.

These companies love working with Mike!

"Had the privilege & honor to listen to Mike Veny sharing his wisdom and experience concerning mental health. Mike, you are such a beacon of light for so many suffering in silence. Keep shining your amazing powerful light…and keep playing those badass drums. Such talent!"

Melanie Kiely

“Mike it was an honor for us to be in your company, you had such an impact. Thank you so much for helping us raise awareness of the stigma associated with mental health & how to combat it, together.”

Cat Kennedy

"Thank you for helping us set the tone for an important day and leaving the Merck team with an experience we’ll always remember."


"It's remarkable we have these kinds of talks, webinars and resources at Salesforce. It's very inspiring to know we are supported and encouraged to approach these real challenges and issues."



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Effective Results

Mike does a superb job of simplifying this complex subject and empowering attendees to take action immediately.

So Very Versatile

A brilliant blend of customizing options that can be adapted to your specific needs, and this includes virtual presentations.

A Proven Track Record

He's an award-winning speaker, writer and author with lived experience. His practical tools help people throughout the world.

Feel the Energy

In addition to delivering entertaining presentations, he's also a professional drummer, so he can add live drumming to any presentation.


Mike gets booked fast, so we encourage you to contact him to start a conversation, even if you plan to decide later.



Transforming Stigma® in the Workplace

This program is the best kept secret to improved PRODUCTIVITY, team PERFORMANCE and company PROFITS. Addressing mental health is a vital component of your company’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy and a totally new way of looking at. Top companies are setting a new standard for Diversity & Inclusion through investing in essential resources for mental wellness. Attendees will learn practical tools on how to transform stigma into strength and empower each other to get the help that they need.

Learning Objectives

Through this engaging and entertaining keynote, your attendees will learn tools to help:

  • Distinguish self-care from escape activities, while cultivating a workplace culture that truly values self-care.
  • Recognize the importance of talking about mental health and constructing conversations appropriate for the workplace.
  • Learn how to handle coworkers who are struggling and use the resources available at your company.

CAS Learning Objectives:

  • Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration and application
  • Intrapersonal development
  • Interpersonal competence

How to Find Inner Peace in Times of Uncertainty

There has never been a more important time in history to focus on your mental wellness. Finding inner peace is crucial to your health and safety. This important presentation will revitalize you. First and foremost, you will learn to shield yourself from stress. Next, you will learn to put your mind at ease and reduce your anxiety. Last but not least, you will learn to take advantage of golden opportunities to cope with loneliness and grief. Take advantage of this special opportunity to invest in your team.

Learning Objectives

Through this dynamic virtual presentation, participants will:

  • Learn why stress management must be prioritized and 3 amazingly simple techniques to handle stress in minutes.
  • Learn 3 practical exercises to relieve anxiety and manage obsessive thinking.
  • Learn 3 inspiring strategies to cope with loneliness and grief.
CAS Learning Objectives:
  • Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration and application
  • Intrapersonal development
  • Interpersonal competence
mike veny diversity and inclusion

Mike Veny was the opening keynote speaker at T-Mobile’s 2019 Insight Out Diversity and Inclusion Conference.

Mike Veny & the Wounded Warrior Project’s Physical Health & Wellness Team