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What Depression Feels Like

There are some things in life that are so easy to describe, things like the directions to your work, a historical event, and color of the sky. Some things are just black and white. They are a certain way and while the details may vary a little, the basic description is the same no matter who is doing the describing. Then, there are those things that are incredibly difficult to put into words. The things that everyone feels slightly different about. The things that you have a hard time putting into words because you don’t quite understand it yourself all the time. That’s what depression feels like when you try to describe it.

What depression feels like

Depression can feel the same and different for each person. You’re probably wondering how that can be true. How can something be the same and different? Well, the truth is—depression doesn’t always feel the same. Sometimes it feels one way and other times it feels different. So, sometimes two people struggling with depression may be able to relate, and other days they may feel completely different.

Depression is painful. It brings a feeling of hopelessness. It causes you to doubt yourself and doubt those that are in your life. You start to doubt that the things you are doing to help yourself are working at all. Sometimes, it is easy to sink into this feeling instead of fighting it. But, there are also other times when you can trick yourself into thinking that your depression is protecting you. It’s keeping you safe from all those people in your life that are going to let you down.

Depression feels different for everyone

Maybe you can’t quite identify with how depression feels to me, and that’s ok. It feels different to everyone. OC87 Recovery Diaries is a website that is full of other people’s stories of depression. Check out the stories there to find the ones that you do identify with. There is valuable advice about how different people are dealing with their depression. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” type answer to depression. But, there are a lot of people over at OC87 Recovery Diaries that are willing to keep the conversation around depression going so you know that you are not alone.

Getting help for depression

Depression isn't definable as one particular feeling for most people, but there are therapies that can help to get through it. Whether it's talk therapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), those with depression usually require some help to get through the darkest days as much as they need support on the lighter ones. It's important that if you are dealing with depression, you seek help. Working to overcome depression is important and having the right support to get to the root of the depression can be key to helping you get there.


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