Stress Busting Tips You Need This Week

self care stress Mar 16, 2022
stress relief tips


We all get stressed. Most of us spend a large amount of our time stressed, and while reading this there might be a few of you that are stressed right now. 

Stress can be a terrible thing to live with, and as well as being an annoyance and a mood ruiner, it can also have an effect on our health and well-being in general. It has been linked to many mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety and has links to high blood pressure and heart disease as well.

Whether your stress stems from running your own business, your home life, or something else - there are many ways that you can grow and change. Using Incito Consulting to help you with your business strategy, talking through issues with your loved ones, or simply taking some time out are always great ideas. 

If you are looking for a way to calm yourself and reduce some stress today, here’s how. 


Art can be one of the best ways to relieve some stress, and you don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to create something fun. You can even buy paint by numbers for adults and this will allow you to slowly build a wonderful piece of art yourself without the stress of coming up with an idea and sketching it out. 

Be positive

It's hard to smile when we are feeling stressed and riled up, but it is something that we need to do if we want to be happy. When you are feeling stressed, sit back and start thinking about good things. Find the good in everything around you and this can lift your mood even just a little bit. 

Put down your phone

One of the likely reasons why people are so stressed these days is due to information overload. Every day we turn on our phones and we sift through tons of information which most of the time we don’t really even register. If you want to be less stressed and happier this year, think about putting the phone down and calming your mind. You can still enjoy your day without being glued to a screen and you will likely feel much better about it too. 

Have a cuppa

What could be better than sitting down with a cuppa when you are feeling stressed? Whether you love tea, coffee, or hot chocolate: a hot drink can do wonders for your mind. Being able to sit back and sip on a hot drink can make us feel cozy and it will often help beat stress. 

Make time for you 

The thing we are worst at as humans is taking a step back and taking some time to look after ourselves. Through the years we spend days and days working hard to support ourselves and our family and it is crucial for us to take time for us once in a while. Book a day off in the next few weeks to do nothing. Enjoy your time relaxing and don’t think about anything else.

It is important to look after ourselves and beat stress whenever we can, and if you are looking for a way to make you feel more relaxed this year, these tips should make a huge difference to your day. 

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