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Simple Ways To Boost Mental Health While Working From Home

Working from home has become the new norm for many people since the pandemic. With a lot of workplaces starting to see the benefits of a more flexible working schedule, many of us have been able to cut down our morning commute and enjoy working in the comfort of our own spaces. 

However, one thing that can come hand in hand with the freedom of working from home is a feeling of isolation and loneliness, and although you may be avoiding the stress of the rat race on a daily basis there are other stresses that come from working at home alone. 

Today we want to discuss some of the best ways that you can combat and support mental health when you are working at home this year. There are plenty of small changes you can make to your life and routine to support wellness and we are here to share some useful advice this week. 

Maintain consistent communication 

One of the biggest changes you will see when you decide to work from home instead of in an office is the lack of teamwork and collaboration. Although Zoom calls and instant messaging can be somewhat helpful - it is all too easy for people to become stuck in their own working bubble all week without the support of their peers. That’s why strategic planning workshops such as with Incito Consulting are so important when working at home, and staying in consistent contact is also crucial.

Set up daily calls to chat and catch up, and raise any concerns you may have with your team. By maintaining open and transparent communication you will benefit in your work as well as your mental health.

Create a comfortable environment 

Creating a comfortable working environment is crucial when at home - because as comfortable as it might be - working on your sofa is not good for your posture. Make sure to create a proper workspace for yourself at home and use it every day. This will help you to separate work life from home life and will also allow you to sit comfortably and avoid damaging your muscles and joints. 

Get some fresh air 

It is so important when you are working in a job role that involves an office that you get up and outside for fresh air once a day. On your lunch break try to go for a small walk or even set up your work in the garden for an hour or so. Fresh air is not only good for the body but it is good for your mental health and is proven to make you feel happier and more relaxed. 

Get dressed 

One of the surprising things that can help your mental health when working from home is getting dressed for the day. We tend to get into bad habits when we are at home such as working in our loungewear or pajamas. But did you know that this can actually impact your energy levels and mental state? Dress as you would for a day in the office and you will soon notice the difference in your energy, posture, and productivity. 

Use some of these simple tips to help boost your mental health when working from home in 2022.


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