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Preventing Customer Service From Becoming Too Stressful

This is a contributed post. However, all opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

Stress is a big thing in the business world. Peace of mind is something every business owner needs on their side, but we all know that there are a few elements of the corporate world that put so much stress on your shoulders, causing burnout to come very swiftly around the corner. It’s essential to prevent that from happening, and in doing so, promote better mental wellness for everyone in your workplace. 

Without further ado, here are a few ways to make a customer service shift run smoother. We all know that clients can test us in many ways, but staying positive, and having the right stress prevention methods in place will go a long way. 

Have a Laugh

The first thing to do is have a laugh - humor is a great coping strategy, and it’s something we can all easily share in. When a customer service job gets stressful, cracking a charming joke can make everyone involved chuckle at least a little, and that can help to reduce any stress either side is feeling. 

And when you and your coworkers have a few in-jokes, the workplace becomes a much more social and funny place, and that can make people much more satisfied to be at work! Fall back on these when customer service gets rough, as a coworker doing something funny across the room can make you smile in the most difficult of moments. 

Never Take the Job on Alone

A customer service desk should never be staffed by just one person; even just two people in the same position can guarantee faster service, as well as a better, positive working atmosphere. It also ensures one person is never overloaded with jobs, which is the number one cause for burnout in the workplace. 

You can rely on outside sources as well, with services like skip tracing helping to ensure those invoices get paid on time and those IT-related issues never prevent a customer from accessing your website. All in all, make sure you reach out in stressful times, as there is a lot more help out there than you realize. 

Congratulate Yourself

Whether you’re the one who’s behind the customer service desk or a very reliable employee is doing the job for you, congratulate every single achievement, no matter how small. Running reliable and effective customer service is hard to do, after all, and any praise for doing so is often discarded. Don’t let this happen in your business. 

Make sure you note down the things you do well, or the things your employee has done well, and focus on them. Make sure your team knows how proud you are of them, and never be afraid to pat yourself on the back either. You’re all in this together, and knowing there’s a very congratulatory support system there makes a bad day on the job so much better. 


Customer service can lead to burn out; don’t let the stress get ahead of you. 


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