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Overcome Burnout and Exhaustion in the Workplace IMMEDIATELY

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If you are exhausted and burned out, first of all, if you're in the workplace talk to HR about going on FMLA, medical leave. Look at getting some time off. Just staying at work is not going to be helpful for handling burnout.

But for some people staying at work is the only option. So, the other thing you can do is bring in a mental health professional to help you.  If you're currently working with one and it's not working out, find another one.

Therapists are trained in dealing with burnout and exhaustion. They can help give you specific things that are unique to your situation to help get you out of that place.

But it's really important to address it immediately. So if you are exhausted or burned out, don't take it for granted and say, "Oh,I'll eventually get around to getting help." No, you're going to get to a point where you can't function. And sadly, I've just seen that with way too many people.

So I encourage you to address it as quickly as you can. Again, talk to HR in the workplace and make sure you get the right mental health professional on board to help you.


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