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How to Protect Yourself While Supporting Others

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I will encourage you to be mindful of your own emotions and energy and remind yourself that supporting others doesn't mean you have to take on their problems.

It's okay to put up a boundary and say, you know, I just can't deal with this right now and maybe resume at another time. And it's a dance. One of the reasons that we hesitate to do that is because we feel like we're going to hurt a relationship. We don't like to put up a boundary.

There's a book that is called The Power of a Positive No. And it's written by, you're going to love this, a hostage negotiator. And he actually throws out this concept in the beginning of the book that we don't want to say no to people because we think we're going to hurt the relationship. But we end up saying yes, even if that means showing up for family during a tragedy, and we end up resenting it.

So the key is learning how to say no in a way that still preserves the relationship. So it's okay to say no, some people might not like that at first, but it'll give you the time and space to get your energy back.

So you can say yes to them and be there for them. And there's so much more to that answer, but thank you just for that question. I think that was a great question.


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