How To Create A Business That Promotes Workplace Wellness

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Workplace wellness is an essential part of creating a successful business. Whether you own a startup or a multinational company, a positive company culture can boost productivity, reduce staff stress, and improve retention. A 2022 FlexJobs survey revealed that nearly a third of all US staff are considering quitting their jobs, and 1 in 4 staff already have due to a toxic workplace culture.

This article will share how to create a business that promotes workplace wellness and transforms toxic workplaces into welcoming spaces.

Back Staff At All Levels When They Make Mistakes

Employees who fear repercussions for errors in the workplace are less likely to go the extra mile and more likely to experience burnout. However, mistakes and wrong turns are the key to company innovation. 

Penalizing staff that make minor errors can stifle creativity and increase stress. Establish a culture where staff from junior assistants to the Director level are supported in learning from mistakes. Regularly review this with managers to ensure that support is being maintained.

Invest In A Company That Promotes Workplace Wellness

If you haven’t yet launched a business, why not buy one that already occupies the wellness space or embodies a positive company culture? Specialist business advisors can help you find the right company for your vision and values, ensuring you can own a company that promotes workplace wellness from the outset.

Get Your Company Organized With Project Management Tools

Business owners may need support getting organized, but a disorganized business can cause stress and demotivation at every level. Ensure that you have a solid operational infrastructure to provide streamlined workflows. Clear project management tools like FreshWorks can streamline project tasks and coordination across the business.

Integrate Employee Wellness Benefits

Employee wellness benefits help to reduce stress across the business by helping staff maintain their health and fitness. It can also boost productivity and improve retention.

Examples of items you’d include with an employee wellness program may include:

  • Discounted gym membership 
  • On-site fitness facilities or classes
  • Flu vouchers
  • Discount or free eye care
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Team building days or events
  • Flexible working.

A company that promotes workplace wellness should be authentic by ensuring it can support its claims with an employee wellness program.

Encourage Clear Working Hours

Create precise working hours and empower staff to leave offices outside these times. Combine these with proactive conversations about workload to avoid staff stress increasing if they fall behind. Lead by example by arriving and leaving at times outlined, especially if you are a start-up or SME.

Final Thoughts

Encouraging staff to be comfortable with making mistakes can boost wellness and creativity in a business. Setting precise working hours and creating the space to have supportive conversations about workload can mitigate staff stress and burnout. 

Avoid unnecessary frustrations by providing transparent workflows and processes, so staff know their role and can better manage their workload. Invest in employee wellness schemes, and consider investing in a business that already values workplace wellness to foster those priorities from the outset. 

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