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5 Powerful Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

This is a contributed post. However, all opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

It’s well-known that happy employees are more productive, so cultivating a harmonious workplace benefits your business, as well as your staff. No matter what type of company you operate, employee well-being should be a top priority.

As well as boosting productivity, a happy workforce also equates to more company loyalty and a lower turnover of staff, which offers additional benefits to your organization. To transform your business performance now, take a look at these powerful ways to keep your employees happy and productive:

1. Focus on Team Building

If you want your workforce to operate as a cohesive unit, it’s important to unify them into a team. This can be done via in-house training sessions, but social activities can increase efficacy when it comes to team building. As many companies are now relying on people to work remotely, you can strengthen your teams by hosting virtual social events, like online quizzes and shared virtual lunchbreaks.

2. Simplify Work Processes

When in-house processes are unnecessarily complicated, it can be frustrating for workers. Simplifying your workflows and processes can, therefore, have a big impact on morale. Arranging a virtual mailbox from makes it easier for staff to access written correspondence, for example. Similarly, providing access to collaboration platforms means employees can interact more easily. Of course, streamlining workflows should increase efficiency too, so it can have a remarkable impact on productivity levels.

3. Provide Opportunities

Most employees won’t be content working in the same position without any recognition of their skills and increasing experience. Giving your staff training opportunities and a clear route to promotion gives them a sense of purpose, which leads to a happier workplace. Furthermore, the additional skills they gain from training directly contribute to your business success and profitability.

4. Don’t Micro-Manage

No-one likes being micro-managed, so looking over your employees’ shoulders won’t inspire them to work harder, faster, or smarter. In fact, micro-managing your staff is likely to lead to dissatisfied employees. Instead, put your trust in your workers and allow them to have an appropriate amount of responsibility. By showing how much confidence you have in them, you can ensure that individual employees feel recognized and valued.

5. Prioritize Work/Life Balance

Understanding that your employees have a life outside of work is a key characteristic of any good employer. Expecting your staff to work late regularly or demanding that they put their work duties above everything else is unrealistic and is guaranteed to demotivate your teams. Conversely, recognizing personal achievements, encouraging staff to take time off when they need it, and reinforcing the importance of a healthy work/life balance can transform your workplace. It’s also worth considering the wider needs of your employees - introducing options such as a chaplain service for your staff or mental health services can show employees that you care about their well-being outside of the workplace.

Maintaining High Productivity Levels

Creating a happy workforce isn’t a one-off task. To be effective, you’ll need to nurture your teams and introduce new ways to cultivate a productive environment. By assigning the role of ‘social coordinator’ or ‘team builder’ to certain members of staff, for example, you can ensure that there are always things happening to cultivate a happy, fun, and productive working environment.



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