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Managing Stress And Anxiety As A Busy Entrepreneur

Launching a business is an incredibly exciting prospect but we all know that life can get hectic when you’re juggling running a company with raising kids, managing a household or looking after others. Stress and anxiety are commonplace among entrepreneurs. In this guide, we’ll look at some effective steps you can take to protect your mental health

Spotting symptoms of mental health conditions

Stress and anxiety are ‘normal’ physiological and psychological responses. We all experience a degree of anxiety when faced with a test and we feel stressed when we’ve got a deadline approaching, for example.

There is a key difference between what is expected and what happens when you have a mental health condition or your mental wellbeing is deteriorating. It’s important to take action if you feel stressed all the time, stress is getting on top of you and affecting your mood and your relationships, or you feel anxious in situations where others would feel calm and relaxed.

Are you always on edge, do you find it impossible to switch off or is your health suffering as a result of how you feel? These are signs that you need to seek help. 

Seeking advice and exploring treatments and therapies

Most people will experience severe bouts of stress or periods of anxiety in their lifetime. Many of us will try and shake it off or bury our heads in the sand and hope that we can somehow muddle through. It is becoming more socially acceptable to talk about mental health but there is a long way to go. We still feel embarrassed or ashamed about psychological symptoms and it can be difficult to open up. 

There are several treatments and therapies you can try if you are struggling with anxiety or stress. Self-help techniques such as exercise, breathing exercises, meditation and talking to friends and family can help but you might need to consider other options.

You could look for a therapist or a counsellor or find out more about treatments like neurofeedback biofeedback treatment. It can be cathartic to open up and it’s also helpful to research and ask your doctor about treatments that could help you that you might not have heard or thought about before. 

Managing your time

Time, or more accurately, a lack of time, is one of the most common causes of stress among entrepreneurs and business owners. Running a company can feel like you’re spinning hundreds of plates. Managing your time can help to ease pressure, reduce stress levels and help you find a better work-life balance. Schedule downtime, play to your strengths when you plan each day and don’t shy away from delegating or giving employees more responsibility.

It’s also refreshing to learn to say no. If your schedule is packed, don’t feel that you have to accept every invitation. There is nothing wrong with missing the odd social occasion or asking somebody else to go to a meeting if you’re exhausted, you haven’t put your children to bed for several days or you’re craving an early night. Working hard is a prerequisite for business owners but everybody needs time off. Taking breaks can boost wellbeing and increase productivity. 

It’s no secret that managing a business can be stressful. Entrepreneurs may be more prone to stress and anxiety. If you run a company and you’re susceptible to anxiety, or stress is getting on top of you, learn to recognize signs and triggers, take time out and seek expert advice. 


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