Attention to Detail: 4 Ways to Improve Employee Concentration

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Working in your workplace to make it as relaxing and stress-free as possible is a massive task. While lots of modern businesses are far more employee-focused and may consider the bigger picture, it is vital to look at the things where an employee can potentially fall down, especially when it comes to long laborious meetings. Employee concentration and focus are one of those things that you might not consider your responsibility, but here are some methods to ensure that you are increasing engagement by boosting employee concentration:

Provide Healthier Food Choices

You can't force your team to eat healthier foods, but you can benefit from providing a number of healthier options that will reduce brain fog and, therefore, increase concentration. There are a lot more people who are becoming more conscious of their diets and are trying different ways of eating to improve their overall ability to function. There are so many healthy breakfast catering options for corporate events available that you can improve your team's diet by providing those gentle nudges. Healthier food choices, especially if people have a low-lying intolerance to something like milk or gluten, will, in the long run, improve their abilities to function.

Put an End to Multitasking

Multitasking is one of those things that we all believe is a worthwhile investment because we've got so many different projects that we just have to learn how to deal with many things at once. But the problem is that multitasking does not increase productivity in the slightest. In fact, multitasking is going to drain your ability to focus. This is why you've got to be stricter with deadlines. If you put a deadline a bit closer to you, you can start to provide a little bit of pressure that forces people to prioritize their workloads. We should not be encouraging multitasking at all, and this means helping our team to work more efficiently by prioritizing workload but also incorporating tools that help them to focus on one task at a time, for example, the Pomodoro Method.

Set Aside Ideas Until Later

If we are trying to improve collaboration within the organization, we should think about how we can develop a far more streamlined ability to focus. One of the biggest problems we can all have is when we have a great idea that we have the temptation to bounce on it straight away. Instead, focus on what you're doing, and this is a logical extension to avoiding multitasking. But if you have a number of ideas that you know are going to be amazing, then they will certainly benefit you further down the line. Finish what you're doing first.

Encouraging Being in the Present

While many organizations think about well-being and other aspects of employee wellness, it is very important for our teams to focus. Encouraging things like meditation or mindfulness as part of the lunch break or setting aside a bit of well-being time during their working day can make a massive difference in how they will be able to focus.

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